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  1. Logo Kappa Delta Decal
  2. Empowered Button
  3. Madi Go Confidently Nautilus Tee
  4. Kaitlyn Official Logo Crew
  5. Emily Official Alumnae Script Tee
  6. New Nautilus Button
  7. Ashley Official Logo Jacket
  8. Maggie Official Script Hoodie
  9. Shell KD Decal
  10. Madi Official Script Tee
  11. Madi Official Script Tee
  12. Madi Go Confidently Nautilus Tee
  13. Kaitlyn Official Logo Crew
  14. Kaitlyn Go Confidently Crew
  15. Alexis Empowered Women Crop Tee
  16. Katharine Official Logo Rain Jacket
  17. Teresa Go Confidently Tote
  18. Teresa Official BCIA Tote
  19. Teresa Empowered Women Tote
  20. Restocking Soon!
  21. Maggie Official Script Hoodie
  22. Madi Official Script Tee