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  1. Venessa Cropped Hoodie
  2. Kaitlyn Classic Crew
  3. Maggie Kappa Delta Script Hoodie
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  5. Purvi Nautilus Stamp Long Sleeve Tee
  6. Sewn on Letters Tank
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  8. 125th Anniversary T-Shirt Contest Winning Design
  9. Cassandra KD Letter Alumna Jacket
  10. Sweet Heart Crewneck
  11. Kelly Green KD Loves Me Kids
  12. Kaitlyn 125th Anniversary Graphic Crew
  13. Kaitlyn Classic Crew
  14. Sale
  15. Kaitlyn Butterfly Crew
  16. Kaitlyn Kappa Delta Script Crew
  17. Sera I love Kappa Delta Tee
  18. Purvi Circle Stamp Long Sleeve Tee